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YOUR goodies were definitely a HIT.” -Leah L.

“The cupcakes are all delicious and the cinnamon buns are wonderful as usual. Yes… I tasted all three cupcakes and then had a cinnamon bun! LOL This is not helping with my hopes for a 10-pound weight loss! I will definitely be contacting you in the future.” -Sue C.

“The chocolate cake was so great!!! They loved it! I loved it! Thank you again.
:-)” – Sally F.

“Thank you so much for the gorgeous and delicious job you did on our wedding cake! It was absolutely perfect.” – Beth V.

“The cupcakes were awesome! It was great to hear everyone surprised that vegan cupcakes could be so good!” – Megan B.

“I just want to say that I and the other members of the book club absolutely loved your cupcakes! They were super moist and rich and yummy…what I wouldn’t give to have one—or several—right now. ;-) Thank you so much for making such tasty treats – and thank you for making these tasty treats available to more people.” – Amanda S.

“I just wanted to let you know that my wife loved the cake. When she saw me walk through the door carrying a cake box, she couldn’t believe that it would be a cake. Once I told her it was vegan, soy and gluten free, she had to have a piece right away… It was a delicious cake and I’m sure we’ll be ordering from you in the future.” – Bill W.

“We loved the cake! It was really yummy. And we have half of it left, so we’re going to love it again tomorrow.” – Ellen W.

“Thanks so much for the cake! We had many compliments, and it was particularly appreciated by my gf friends!” – Megaen R.

“The cake is delicious and the cupcakes we ate so far were so moist which is hard to find in vegan baking. You are talented and I’m glad I found you. Thanks again!” – Stefanie D.

“The cinnamon buns are a huge favorite with my kids, and all their non vegan friends who sleep over on the weekends, one boy’s parents apparently went out and bought him [name brand] cinn buns after he came home talking about how good the ones were he had at our sleepover and when he tried [those] ones he gagged and said ‘I need those vegan ones A’s mom buys’ so I gave her your website info and I guess she makes a special trip to Quiet Storm each week to pick them up for him.” – Cayce M.

“I bought that last Delicious Yummy bar at the Pittsburgh Flea today, and oh my goodness, it is soooo delicious and yummy. Thank you for brightening my day with such yummy deliciousness!” – Caralyn G.

“… thank you for the xmas cupcakes. They were amazing and everyone loved them… I am happy to say that the stuff we got from you has helped open some of the family up to the concept of vegan desserts being moist and delicious.” – Kevin B.

“…your baked goods are delicious. My husband and I ate at Quiet Storm today and had a cinnamon bun [that was] great! We moved from the DC area not too long ago and really miss the vegan bakery there. It’s awesome to find a company in Pittsburgh that does vegan baked goods justice! Thanks again for making our lunch experience extra delicious!” – Lisa B.

“The [GF chocolate] cake is absolutely phenomenal! Thank you so much. It’s absolutely wonderful and there is some leftover for me to munch on. Great job… thank you so much!” – Brian M.

“I just wanted to drop a line saying that [we both] love the cake. It’s delicious! I especially liked the frosting, it kind of added a little spice cake taste to the classic chocolate. Thanks so much and keep up the good work because we’ll be coming back for more.”
- Ryan C.

“I just wanted to say that these were the best baked goods I have gotten from you ever (not that the others were ever bad)! The cheesecake was solid, great crust and everything. The cinnamon bun was way better than Cinnabon®!” -Chris T.

“My friend Ellen and I had your coconut avocado cupcakes at Handmade Arcade. They may’ve been the Best Cupcakes Ever In The World! I talk about them all the time! Thanks!”
- Ehrinn

“I ate a piece of your vegan cheesecake at the Quiet Storm the other day, and it was THE MOST AMAZING BAKED GOOD I’VE EVER EATEN IN MY LIFE. Seriously, I can’t stop thinking about it, and I even bought the last two pieces.”
- Sarah D.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?
Send a message using the website order page (or see the link to the left for more info). Please state what you would like from the menu & when you will need it and we will get back to you as soon as we can. SINCE THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER BAKERY, PLEASE CONTACT US 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE DATE YOUR ORDER IS NEEDED TO ALLOW FOR ORDER DETAILS TO BE WORKED OUT. Thank you.

Why 2 weeks?
My Goodies is a one-person operation. Two weeks gives enough time to get your order organized. Please email even if it is not 2 weeks early. I may be able to get the order finalized in less time. Just check by sending an email through the order page and see!

What is the My Goodies phone number?
You can call 412-327-4392. The messages are checked once a week.

Where are you located?
My Goodies Bakery does not have a storefront, but is a special order bakery only at this time. You can find My Goodies at local coffeeshops, grocery stores and farmers’ markets and craft fairs (check here to find out where My Goodies will be each week). Or “like” My Goodies Bakery on Facebook to see where the goodies will be. Our ACHD-certified kitchen is in Wilkinsburg PA.

What do you use instead of eggs?
It really depends on the recipe. Some treats bake best with tofu, some with potato starch, or some with just baking powder, margarine or oil. Each ingredient works together to create the lift and binding necessary.

Where do you get your ingredients?
Some ingredients come from restaurant wholesalers and much of them come from the East End Food Co-op right here in Pittsburgh! Fruits, veggies and berries come from local organic farms whenever possible.

What does it mean for you to use organic ingredients?
We are not certified by the USDA as organic, but we use mostly organic ingredients. The sugar, coconut, bananas, soy milk and many other ingredients used are always organic. A list of organic and local ingredients used that day for markets can be found at the table. Fresh ingredients vary based on availability and season. Basically, we try to buy organic and local whenever possible. I am proud to use a natural flour by King Arthur – an employee-owned B Corporation.

What if there’s something I want that isn’t on your menu?
Please ask! I am willing to work with you on preparing your perfect dessert. I have made vegan cakes without gluten, soy, corn, or other common allergens.

What are the different gluten-free options?
Right now the options made without gluten are listed on the menu, but feel free to ask about others. The most common options are cakes, pies and cookies. Please note that this facility is NOT gluten-free. Even though we are extremely careful to separate allergen ingredients and utensils some trace amounts of allergens may be present. Some ingredients may not be “certified” GF. Please consider this when ordering.

Is there anything I should know about food allergens?
My Goodies Bakery uses ingredients that are allergens to some people. I have food allergies and appreciate attention to them. Of the top 8 food allergens we use tree nuts, soy and wheat. I also use ingredients that contain corn and, of course, sugar. You know best what you will react to. Please let me know if you have any food allergies and I will do my very best to work around them. The last thing I want is for someone to have an allergic reaction to the treats.

Do you ship within the U.S.?
We currently do not ship. Products can be found locally in Pittsburgh only. Please see the current article from the My Goodies home page to know where to find delicious vegan treats.