1-layer 9“x12” cake $38 each (+tax)*
2-layer 8” round cake $38 each (+tax)*
Cupcakes $26/dozen (+tax)

Cake flavors – chocolate, vanilla, coconut, almond, lemon, chocolate mint

Icing flavors – chocolate, vanilla, almond, coconut, lemon, lime, mint, “creamcheese”

Specialty flavors: (Add $4) Chai (a delicious spiced tea flavored cake), German chocolate, Mocha (coffee & chocolate), Avocado (citrus & coconut mixed with a bit of avocado), Chocolate Chip, Da Baddest Batch (rich chocolate cake w/ a cherry center topped w/ cherry icing – depends on availability of ingredients), Carrot (with cream cheese style icing and little icing carrots – walnuts & raisins by request only)

  • Additional cake sizes:
    Smash cake (3” round) $15 (+tax in addition to another cake from menu – $20 if ordered separately)
    2-layer 6” round $35 (+tax)
    2-layer 9” round $45 (+tax)
    2-layer 10” round $50 (+tax)
    … and more. Just ask!

*Cakes come simply decorated. Special decoration (novelties, flowers, etc.) will increase price. Icing lettering is $1.00 (maximum 25 characters, may cost additional for more).


$20 (+tax)/dozen per flavor (approx. 3.5”) or two dozen small per flavor (approx. 2”)

Sugar cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal, snickerdoodle, pumpkin (a 3” iced cookie)

Cookie bars:

$22 (+tax)/ one dozen 2.5” bars

Chocolate chip cookie bars, chocolate mint cookie bars, chocolate chocolate chip cookie bars

Cheesecakes (9” round or 8” square):

$32 (+tax) each

Cheesecake flavors: Kiwi lime pie, lemon-lime, pumpkin, chocolate, any plain cheesecake w/fresh fruit piled on top

Specialty cheesecakes: (Add $4): Choco-Cherry (cherry filled cheesecake on a chocolate crust drizzled w/ more chocolate seasonal), Ginger-Pear (gingered pear slices on a pear cheesecake w/ a ginger crust), Cookies n Dream (cookie speckled cheesecake w/ chocolate crust & cookies on top)


$25 (+tax) each

Apple, pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb (seasonal), banana cream, chocolate cream, sweet potato, blueberry (seasonal)

Pastries and other treats:

Cinnamon buns $32 (+tax)/dozen
Big Muffins (Lower-glycemic/agave-sweetened) – $32 (+tax)/dozen
Delicious Yummy bars (an oat bar filled with an organic mixture of golden raisins, mango, date and apricot) $30 (+tax)/dozen

Made without gluten ingredients

(made with separate utensils, pans, equipment and oven)
6” Cake with icing $36 (+tax)
Cupcakes $30 (+tax)/dozen
Cake flavors – chocolate, vanilla, coconut, almond, lemon, chocolate mint
Icing flavors – chocolate, vanilla, almond, coconut, lemon, lime, mint, “creamcheese”
Big Muffins (Lower-glycemic/agave-sweetened) – $40/dozen
Coffee cake $20/loaf
Carob mint candy bars $30 (+tax)/dozen (also living/raw)

Add ins and Additional information

Add something (price could vary depending on season): mint, almonds, melted chocolate, toasted coconut, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, cashews, sprinkles, chocolate chips, carob chips

Cakes come simply decorated. Special decoration will increase price (roses, flowers, or custom decorating). Lettering is $1.00.

Add fresh fruit (price could vary depending on season): strawberries, cherries, raspberries, mango, etc.

Some items can be made with food allergies or preferences in mind – soy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free, low sugar (low glycemic index and natural non-sugar sweeteners) or nut-free – just ask!

Please note! The facility does handle soy, tree nuts and wheat. Prices can vary based on ingredients used, specifications, season, and decoration. Orders placed at least 2-weeks prior to the date the order is needed are appreciated and given priority. Fair-trade and/or organic chocolate & coffee used when available and by request. All items made with some organic ingredients and all vegan.

Deliveries within Allegheny or Westmoreland Counties (only) are 80 cents per mile from 881 Brackenridge Ave., Brackenridge PA 15014. Pick ups at the baking location or meet ups at the East End Food Co-op (in Pittsburgh) are available for no cost. We would just need to work out a time to meet.

Allegheny County Health Department certified – facility in Brackenridge PA.