Delicious VEGAN AND ALLERGY-FRIENDLY goodies made in Pittsburgh, PA!

Vegan means the treats contain no animal products including eggs, milk, butter, honey or refined sugar. [More about a vegan diet]. The menu is always expanding with more allergy-friendly desserts [More about My Goodies allergy-conscious options at the bottom of the page]. The goodies contain no cholesterol and are made with non-hydrogenated oils (no trans fats), and organic ingredients. We prepare small-batch and pay special attention to quality ingredients such as organic, non-GMO and locally-sourced grains, fruits & vegetables whenever possible. My Goodies prepares fresh for your special order. Currently all of the online menu is suitable for people with dairy and egg allergies and some items can be made with other allergies and preferences in mind, for instance soy free, gluten free, nut free or low-glycemic. Just ask! My Goodies Bakery has a small selection of living (raw) desserts too.

Many folks shy away from vegan baked goods because they have a bad reputation of being bland, dry, and dense. At My Goodies Bakery we hope to dispel that stereotype. We believe we make delicious baked goods that just happen to be vegan. Find My Goodies at The Big Idea Bookstore Cafe, Lili Cafe, Java House and other upcoming events or just check out the menu, send your special order and we will go from there.

Vegan Pittsburgh Decal

Serious inquiries only. Great for bakeries. Thanks!
I will add to this list as I try to clean out.

Partial box of #508 wax bags $3 SOLD

case of expired vegan Sunspire carob chips (10 bags) $10 SOLD

partial box of 8” cake circles (probably about 100+) $10 SOLD

partial box of 10” cake circles (probably about 150+) $10 SOLD

Assorted cake boxes $50 for all because I don’t want to count them. SOLD
white 12×12×5”
white 10×10×5”
pink 8×8×3”
50 white 4×4×4” w/ 138 inserts to hold cupcakes
white 8×8×5”
and others

3 – 24oz containers of organic Spectrum shortening $8 SOLD

3-basin stainless steel sink $100

5 full-length bib aprons $8 for all SOLD

150 – 4” mini pie tins with lids $15 SOLD

24-cup mini cupcake tin $8 SOLD

12” round cake pan $2 SOLD

1 dozen heart-shaped aluminum cake tins w/lids $8 SOLD

200 4” aluminum tins and 250 matching lids $20 SOLD

Assorted sprinkles and decors SOLD

Assorted novelty containers and wrappers SOLD

… and more, just ask.

email through the order page to inquire…

What is My Goodies up to?

Sep 11, 2015 12:08 PM

You may have noticed that My Goodies is no longer at area farmers markets and is less and less available.

… so after 8 years, 7 farmers markets, 20 wedding cakes (so far) and countless events, My Goodies will be winding down business. Your favorite My Goodies treats can still be found irregularly at The Big Idea Bookstore Cafe in Bloomfield for the time being.

If you are hankering for a great vegan or gluten free treat, you may find Gluten Free Goat at the framers markets. Delicious donuts, brownies and more… All vegan and gluten free! Check ‘em out!

If you need a cake with an image, consider Gluuteny. They make vegan cakes and can decorate with icing images too.

Thanks so much for the support and fun over the years!